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Getting Married is a huge event for any of us to consider, allow me to help in whatever way I can. My experience includes performing in a range of wedding styles as both Minister and Magician. Please email for a more detailed discussion

 I take love very seriously, which is why weddings mean so much to me.  It is a chance to honor the bond created between two people that cherish each other over all else.


In an effort to help make your special day as amazing as possible I offer my assistance throughout the whole beautiful process. 

Wedding Celebrant

Or a bit of both...

Wedding Magician

For those of you planning your wedding without the help of a professional coordinator, I am also happy to assist in other wedding related matters.  Although I highly recommend having someone dedicated to this task, it is possible to save money and do it yourself; let me help you plan this important event and ensure that everything runs smoothly.  

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