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Grand Openings and Other Events
Make sure that people remember your business by bringing magic into their visit.  I incorporate and reinforce your company message by weaving your core values throughout a personalized performance.  This can range widely between business, so I create shows that reflect your unique situation.  Patrons will remember this and share the story for years to come.

​Every Show is different:

Please email for more information.

Employee Appreciation/Education
Show that you care about your business by focusing on those that work for you.  This can range from hosting holiday parties at the office to rallying your employees with Team Building Excercises and Partner Magic.  We first identify what you want to achieve and then craft the perfect event to accomplish that goal.

Every Show is different:

Please email for more


Promotional Magic

Tableside Magic is a great way for restaurants and bars to ensure that their Patrons will have a memorable experience and spread the word to friends/family. 
I have helped build reliable consumer bases all over the country, you can find me at~
~Trade Shows~
~Business Dinners~
~Hookah Lounges~
~Retail Outlets~
~Toy Stores~
~Tattoo Studios~
Anywhere That People go to Enjoy Themselves
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